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Knowledge Base

Blockchain - a database that stores all the transactions that have ever happened, and all the data of all the wallets that ever existed. It consists of blocks of public data linked together. At the same time, the applied encryption does not interfere with reading the contents of blocks, and instead it mathematically connects the blocks to each other, and no record can be replaced in any block - there will be inconsistencies in the mathematics between the blocks, and it will be necessary to change the next block, followed by the next and so on chain. In this case, the block is a distributed database, that is, copies of it are stored independently by each BTC-purse program (except for mobile purses). That is, it turns out that each client has and independently checks its copy of the block, and any discrepancy that any node will try to make is instantly detected, and such a block will be rejected by other nodes and not connected to the chain.

The block is opened and published, and you can view its contents without problems. For this, there are either parse programs, or online services like

Wallet - the program, the client of the Bitcoin network, as well as the special file wallet.dat created by her. The program works as a network node (synchronizes the blockchain, passes on new blocks), and also allows the user to send and receive transactions, watch the history of their transactions, etc. Wallet.dat is the file in which all wallet data is stored. I lost the file - I lost my wallet and money, if I did not make a paper copy of my wallet, of course. Wallets programs are easy to grasp. The Electrum program is a narrow client, does not store the entire history of the blocks locally, but loads the necessary parts from the servers, while the purse itself is stored only locally.

BTC Address - an illegible sequence of 27-34 Latin letters and numbers. Example: 1SqrtW4fuACnZHo52EVGly3f6nCz4jBWkN. In fact - this is all you need to know from the recipient to transfer money to him (a hint is clear?). There can be as many addresses as possible in one wallet, but the addresses are not connected in any way. Knowing only the address, you can find out how much money was received on it and sent from it, but it is impossible to find out whose it was, who sent the money and why.

Confirmation of transaction - the transaction record in the block and the attachment of the block to the blockchain, and the addition of new blocks on top of the block with this transaction. In the Bitcoin network, six confirmations are considered to be the norm, that is, the attachment of six blocks to the blockade after sending the transaction.

Transaction fee - the optional addition of a small amount to a transaction that leaves the miner who successfully created the block for this transaction. Accelerates the transaction. Without it, a transaction can sometimes take up to several days. It is fixed and paid always by the sender of money, the default value now is ฿ 0.0001.

Mining - the process of creating new blocks and recording transactions in them, as well as in passing - the creation of new Bitcoins. Mining is necessary for the existence of the Bitcoin network, it is the miners who create new blocks and record in them all the transactions that have occurred since the creation of the previous block. The process of mining requires the solution of a mathematically complex problem, and therefore requires nehily computational resources. To prevent people from hacking into the mining process, a bun is added to it - each newly found block not only records fresh transactions, but also gives the mayor some BTC, depending on the difficulty of the Bitcoin network.

Mining difficulty - calculated parameter that determines how complex a mathematical problem is for finding a block. Complexity is made to ensure that the miners in pursuit of profit did not get all the blocks at once. The complexity of the auto-adjusted every two weeks throughout the network, immediately based on the number of blocks produced in the past two weeks. The complexity is adjusted so that at a given mining speed there is one block every 10 minutes.

Why increase the difficulty of the Bitcoin network? Miners take maximum efforts to ensure an increase in the productivity of their labor, that is, they try to get as many cryptonyms as possible. For this purpose, equipment is purchased, Bitcoin-pools are created, data center computing powers are used. However, the number of coins should not increase sharply, if the miners will "get" too many BTC, the emission resource will be exhausted too quickly. In total, no more than 21 million Bitcoins can exist in the system. It is impossible to prohibit the miners from earning, there is no one to do it, and it is not necessary, otherwise the system will cease to develop. The only restrictive tool remains the increasing complexity of bitcoin computing, which must be performed to extract crypto currency.

According to the idea of the creators, the natural limit, which would force the miners to "fold" their farms with too much increase in production, should be the profitability of mining kryptomoney. The production of Bitcoins is associated with energy costs, and when the number of coins starts to grow too quickly - recalculates and increases the complexity of extraction. At the same time, the current rate of Bitcoins makes the extraction unprofitable, since the costs of electricity eat up all the profits. Accordingly, with a decrease in the total capacity of the coining of coins is mined, so the complexity of Bitcoin mining can not only increase but also decrease. In this case, the miners are again taken for work.

Hash rate - the number of hashes SHA256 per second, produced by the entire world network of miners. It does not directly determine the speed of mining, because the increase in hash rate automatically increases and the complexity.

Satoshi - the smallest bit of Bitcoin that can be sent, is named after the alleged founder Satoshi Nakamoto. 1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC.

How to register Bitcoin wallet

1. On the site creates a new online wallet;
2. Designate the e-mail address;
3. Think up the most complex password and repeat it;
4. Enter captcha and click "continue";
5. Do not neglect the introduction of a key phrase that will help you recover the password and not lose the accumulated Bitcoins;
6. Write down your identification number, which is also visible to other users;
7. Then, using your own ID and password, go to the office of your new wallet;
8. Find and write down your own Bitcoin address, which you need to perform all possible operations.

The best investment opportunities in BTC without leaving home

Today Bitcoin is in high demand. It can be exchanged through special exchanges for ordinary money, or used directly as a means of payment. Bitcoin is accepted by many of the largest online stores and online services. Quotes of crypto currency are not regulated by any authorities and depend on natural demand and supply.

The constant dynamics of demand and supply at Bitcoin leads to natural fluctuations in quotations. This forms a huge potential for earning BTC. For example, for the first two years after the release, from 2009 to 2011, the cost of a Bitcoin increased 330 times.

How to buy and sell Bitcoin?

A simple exchange of Bitcoin can be carried out through special exchanges.

For the purposeful trade and earnings on this currency it is better to use brokers and commercial exchanges, for example, poloniex. They allow you to trade online and change BTC on more favorable terms.

How to earn Bitcoins on the exchange?

One of the most profitable and best ways to earn Bitcoins is trading crypto-currencies on stock exchanges. If you have 0.1 BTC, then in order to make 1 BTC it will take about 2 months.

There are several options that all brokers use, but successful brokers use 2 options at once. This auction is either short-term or long-term.

Short-term period: When fluctuations in the course are monitored during a week and traded in the most favorable position for small amounts. At the same time it is recommended to buy both Bitcoins and Lightcoins.

Long term: Buy the maximum number of bitcoins and wait 6 or 12 months until the exchange rate rises sharply. And this often happens if you look at the BTC / USD chart after a sharp decline.

What is secured by Bitcoin?

National currencies used to be provided usually with gold or silver, now GDP. Theoretically, you could come to any bank in the country, and exchange your paper money for the equivalent of gold and back. Bitcoin is not provided with anything, it's pure mathematics.

Anyone around the world can run a script to extract BTC on his computer and feel like a mini-central bank. The source code of the script is published in clear, everyone can see how it works.

What is a Bitcoin faucet?

Bitcoin faucet - a special site that pays free Bitcoins for viewing ads or for entering captcha.

Of course, millions here cannot earn BTC money, but as an additional earnings - it's very good. In addition to simply entering the captcha and getting a bonus, there are still various sweepstakes, lotters. There are the best referral with high commissions. Everywhere the point is to put already earned Bitcoins and try to double, triple them at a time.

How much can you earn on BTC faucet?

The minimum threshold for withdrawal of cryptocurrency in Bitcoin faucet is usually not large (around 1000-25000 Satoshi or 0.00001-0.00025 BTC). To earn this amount you need from a couple of minutes to several days. The conclusion is made on the Bitcoin wallet that you specify.

Usually the button you need to click on is called "OK", "Claim Now", "Get Reward", "Get Cryptocurrency".


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